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Molding Compounds

These epoxy molding compounds are dough like materials that are applied in uniform thickness behind surface coats on laminated tools to provide quick and easy reinforcement of the laminated tool.

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E-Cast F-28 Resin with 213 Hardener

E-Cast F-28 Resin with 213 Hardener provides high heat deflection temperatures coupled with excellent mechanical, chemical, and electrical properties. Formulated for low thermal expansion and excellent impact resistance. Meets Mil Spec. C-47257C. Ideal for filament winding and requires heat to cure.

Tooling Foam

Tooling Foam is a light weight, non-expanding/non-shrinking epoxy compound. It is color coded to insure proper mixing. Due to its consistency, it is easily packed onto the surface to be duplicated. When used with fiberglass cloth in a sandwich panel construction, it exhibits excellent dimensional stability and strength. Approved for use in the aerospace, automotive, marine and recreational vehicle industries.

Epoxy Molding Compound

Epoxy Molding Compound is light-weight, durable molding material that is color coded to insure proper mixing. Its low exotherm during cure offers high dimensional stability, making it ideal for structural applications.

Marine Fairing Compound

Marine Fairing Compound is a light weight faring compound. Ideal for filling, fairing and patching large areas on various substrates. Sprayable coating is available to obtain a minimal porosity. This material provides superior flexibility over conventional systems. Its low exotherm during cure allows for minimal porosity on the finished surface after cure.