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Laminating Systems

These epoxy laminating systems are ideal for constructing general purpose fiberglass laminated tooling for room temperature applications and more demanding high temperature applications.

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Uni-Lam RTL Resin with PT-60F Hardener

Uni-Lam RTL Resin with PT-60F hardener is a room temperature curing system, with excellent dimensional stability. It has excellent wet-out qualities when laminating with glass cloth. The material will not sag on the vertical surfaces, nor will it shrink. It is approved for automotive and aerospace applications.

Uni-Heat Resin with 118 & 203 Hardeners

Uni-Heat Resin with 118 & 203 Hardeners are high heat laminating systems especially designed for most high temperature tooling applications. It also works well where vacuum bag construction is used. It cures at room temperature or can be heat cycle cured. Post curing is required to obtain maximum deflection temperatures. Uni-Heat with 118 meets MIL Spec. S-83430A.

Uni-Bond W.G. Resin with 601 Hardener

Uni-Bond W.G. with 601 Hardener is a clear, unfilled, multi-purpose lamination material which exhibits excellent moisture and chemical resistance. It has numerous adhesive applications, including extensive use in the automotive and aerospace industries as "impreg glue".

Uni-Bond 1070 Resin with 601 Hardener

Uni-Bond 1070 Resin with 601 Hardener is a unfilled room temperature laminating system with low exotherm. It is a dimensionally stable material with high surface strength and a long pot life. This material contains a tracer dye to insure proper mixing.